Spring Hair Care “Get ready for the warmer weather”

Keeping your ‘Crowning Glory’ is just as important as the effort you take in preparing and wearing your designer outfits.

As the warmer weather is emerging after a cool and wet winter here in Orange NSW, the extra sunshine does lift our spirits as our social calendars begin to fill.

Here are a few Atelier Hair team tips to have you and your hair bounce back into Spring and Summer.

Dry, course hair. Ladies with dry hair should use a hydrating shampoo. Look for creamy, moisturising products with ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, etc. These ingredient types trap the water inside your hair by forming a coat on the hair shaft. We recommend the label.m Honey and Oat shampoo and conditioner duo, and for extra hydration team this routine with the label.m Honey and Oat Mask.

Oily and fine hair. If you have oily and fine hair, step away from the shampoos that have moisturising or deep conditioning properties. Using these types can aggravate the issue, especially during springtime. Instead, reach for the label.m products especially designed for your hair type.

Clarifying and clear shampoos with ingredients like wheat protein are the best to remove excel oils from the scalp and hair. Add in a volumising shampoo to make your hair look fuller and bouncier. Check out label.m’s Thickening range of haircare. This is truly hair magic.

Curly hair. Those with curly hair often have problems managing their locks and with added humidity in the spring and summer can drive curly girls insane!

Most curly hair is thick and dry, so reach for a luxurious shampoo with natural ingredients like shea butter. Remember that harsh chemicals can make your hair drier, so steer clear where you see chemical additives listed on the pack. label.m Curl Define is the bomb for curls. The range is simple, smells amazing and definitely a treat for those curls.

Colour-treated hair. Colouring your mane can cost a small fortune, so you don’t want it fading quicker than it has to. Colour-preserving shampoos with fewer chemicals are the safest. These shampoos also keep your hair super hydrated and glossy.

For conditioner, pick one that is also designed for colour-treated hair. These generally feature sunscreen-like properties that protect your hair and preserve your beautiful colour. The Colour Stay shampoo and conditioner by label.m is the definite go to.

Frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is common for those living and visiting in humid weather conditions.

Hold back from using heating tools like a straightening iron as these can add further damage. Instead, head for hair mousse or gels that have polymers or copolymers – these coat the hair and fight the frizz.

label.m has a wonderful range of Anti-Frizz styling and finishing products. These are the official products of choice at London Fashion Week. We always keep plenty on the shelf.

Other tips:

Do not shampoo your hair every day. This can strip you hair dry of natural oils. Instead, use a natural bristle brush and bush your hair well daily. Brushing distributes the oils from the roots to the ends of your hair and keeps your scalp less oily.

Have a regular trim. This is the best way to avoid or get rid of any split ends. Regular trimming leaves your hair healthier and makes it so much easier to care for.

Condition your hair before swimming. The warmer weather form many of us equals more time and fun in the water. More time in the swimming pool means more pool chemicals which can wreak havoc on your luscious locks. Coat your bangs with conditioner to prevent chlorine from stepping into the hair strands. Make sure you pool laps don’t cause you extra hair worries.

Your hair is what you eat. As we all hear time and time again, our diet really does impact on every part of us! This includes our hair. Compliment your hair routine with a balanced and proper diet. Your hair will love you back for it…as well as many other factors. The extra energy you gain from positive eating habits will see you in that pool more….”remember to condition”.

Omega-3 Fatty acids. Your body needs these though a healthy diet as the body does not produce these. Omega-3 fatty acids work a treat in keeping your hair and scalp healthy and well hydrated. Where do you get these: oily fish like salmon, mackerel, trout and sardines, which is awesome news for seafood lovers. You can also get these from plant sources such as avocado, pumpkin seeks, and walnuts.

Our biggest tip of all though, is to wear that hair with pride. Be bold, be you and show off that crown.

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